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Integrated ultrasonic diagnostic equipment

Integrated ultrasonic diagnostic equipment

The integrated ultrasonic diagnostic device is the industry's first endoscopic ultrasound with lithium battery and won the internationally renowned Red Dot Award. The standby time can reach 1.5 hours, the appearance is compact and simple, the overall smart and small, with good mobility; It can realize "accompanying and moving" in complex and crowded hospital environment, especially in critical situations such as bedside and emergency room, and solve the problems of examination difficulties for critically ill patients, emergency patients, and operating room patients and narrow department space.

The 1.4mm respiratory small probe endoscopic ultrasound launched by Anglo American is the first certified 1.4mm fine diameter ultrasonic probe, which can probe the range of 8~10 grade bronchus and even beyond. This product can be used with the mainstream guiding sheaths (GS) in the market, and is compatible with bronchoscopes with ≥1.5mm instrument channels, which easily realizes accurate navigation, is more convenient and safe, and reduces the incidence of surgical risks and complications. It is widely used for endovascular ultrasound imaging of the digestive tract, upper respiratory tract and bronchus of adults and children.

Using electronic imaging technology, it breaks the technical limitation of blur in traditional disposable bronchoscopic imaging. At the same time, the bending Angle is extended to 180°, which solves the application scenarios involving large angles in clinical operations, and greatly reduces the discomfort of patients.

On this basis, combined with the path established by the virtual navigation system developed by British American Da, it is like configuring a set of advanced "GPS navigation system" on the bronchoscope to accurately guide the device to the target lesion, and then complete the precise targeted biopsy of the lesion to achieve "thinner, more precise and more accurate" respiratory interventional diagnosis and treatment.



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