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Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens for Spectrometer

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Is there a problem?
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Optical Glass Round Microscope Biconcave 30mm 40mm Double Concave Lens

we are manufacturer of optical glass lens and prims

we can make all kinds of optical glass lens,prism,glass filter ,optical window plate and optical reflective mirror according to your drawing ,sample or detail request 

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Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens  for Spectrometer factory


production name biconcave lens
materialoptical glass
surface quality60/40
diameter tolerance+/-0.0-0.1mm
focal lengthcustom-made
center thicknesscustom
edge thickness custom
coatedar coated/custom


The Double Concave Lenses are made from BK7 material, which are manufactured with both surfaces concave. 

These lenses have negative focal lengths. These lenses diverge collimated incident light and form virtual images, which are seen through the lens. 

They are often used to expand light or increase focal lengths in existing systems. 

They are used in laser beam expanders, optical character readers, viewers, and projection systems. 

We will provide precision grade Double Concave Lenses with tighter manufacturing tolerances.

Our company is a professional customized-oriented optical company.
Our main products are prisms including triangular prisms,penta prisms,roof prisms.
Lens such as plano convex,plano concave,biconvex,biconcave.
All this products are have kinds of sizes




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packing and delivering



Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens  for Spectrometer details

Packaging & Delivery.

Packaging Details: 
Inner packing-------special protective packing for optical products. 
Outer packing------carton, Shock absorption material and bubble wrap 

Delivery Time
Delivery: Generally, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, Shunfeng, etc. 

Please note it before delivery. Transit time deponds on the express and destination. 

By the way, we would re-check all the details before delivery.



our company



Our company.

Nanyang Jingying Commerce and trade Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the processing and customization of optical glass prism and lens, 

and the production and development of optical components. 
 Our factory is located in Henan Nanyang city, one of the important optical bases in China. 

Our working area is more than 1000 quare meter, now about 50 employees, more than 30 sets professional equipments for production.

 We mainly provide custom service according to the customer's drawings. 

Reliable quality and trust service are we offering and pursin





The Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens for Spectrometer is certainly an ideal addition to any laboratory or research setting. This lens is manufactured out of high-quality fused silica glass, which guarantees its dependability and durability. Its concave shape allows for better light dispersion and a sharper focus, to get readings being accurate data.

This NOAIDA Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens for Spectrometer is made for use within spectrometers as well as other instruments that could be optical require precision and accuracy. It provides excellent light transmission, meaning it may capture and direct a greater percentage associated with the inbound light. This leads to more step-by-step and accurate dimensions no real matter what the application.

At NOAIDA, we recognize that not absolutely all considerable research applications are the same. This is why you could expect custom optical fused cup double concave to match your specific requirements. Therefore you need certainly to have the outcomes you will need that one can get precisely the lens. We work with quality and precision to you to develop and produce lenses that meet your needs that are certain in order to rely on us.

Our Custom Optical Fused Silica Glass double concave Lens for Spectrometer are actually very easy to make use of continue maintaining, due to their high-quality construction and. They truly are designed to final and can withstand the rigors of frequent maneuvering and then make usage of. This means with all the current dimensions that are accurate data you may need when it comes to research and analysis that one can depend on your NOAIDA lenses to supply you.

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