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Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens

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Is there a problem?<br>Please contact us to serve you!

Is there a problem?
Please contact us to serve you!






optical clear glass dome lens for underwater camera






production namedome lens
materialBK7 K9 fused silica glass
surface quality60/40
diameter tolerance+/-0.0-0.1mm
focal lengthcustom-made
center thicknesscustom-made
edge thickness custom-made
coatedcustomer request



Production descraption



Our dome lens is an optical window composed of two parallel curved surfaces. Dome lenses are commonly used in defence applications and often in extreme environments such as submersible ROVs.
For this reason our dome offer both high transmission as well as durability. Other application for our dome include visible-range domes for pyranometers and infrared-range domes for pyrgeometers, and as high pressure viewports in underwater cameras and submersibles.
our company is a professional customized-oriented optical company.
Our main products are prisms including triangular prisms,penta prisms,roof prisms.
Lens such as plano convex,plano concave,biconvex,biconcave


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Packaging & Delivery.

Packaging Details: 
Inner packing-------special protective packing for optical products. 
Outer packing------carton, Shock absorption material and bubble wrap 

Delivery Time
Delivery: Generally, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, Shunfeng, etc. 

Please note it before delivery. Transit time deponds on the express and destination. 

By the way, we would re-check all the details before delivery.


Located in Henan,a becutiful city in China,nanyang jingying trade co., ltd has become one of China'S leading manufacturers of optical component,optical assemblies,lens assemblies Founded in 1999,we have a strong and steady growth that has lead us to today's staff of over 1300 comprised of a very skilled team of fabricators,mechanical engineers ,process engineers ,optical engineers and coating designers Our manufacturing capabilities consist of all type of custom manufactured lens,like plano convex lens ,biconvex lens,plano concave lens,biconcave lens,achromaticl lens,cylindrical lens,spherical lens and aspherical lens beamsplitter like beamsplitter plate,cube beamsplitter and other beamsplitter,prism,like right angle prisms,penta prisms,corner cube prism,dove prism,reflective prism,dispersion prism,anamorphic prism .coatings,optical system ,the products are widely used in non-contact inspection,medical,automation,precision instrument,automotive,micro-measuring Quality is first and always the keys to our success,we also have most advanced metrology instrument,spherical lens measurement system,prism angle measure system,with theses advanced instrument ,we acquire the ISO9001 ,CE International certificateAs a company ,we are commited to growth and development .our cooperative relationship with local universities and research center,university,optical technology research institute ,enhances our engineering and R&D techniques .With the concept of strict management,continuous innovation,continuous improvement,customer satisfation,our company is committed to deliver customers with quality products,on-time delivery ,competitive pricing .we focuses on producing high precision optical components.the goal at our company is to be your first choice of partner supplier of optical components        2                

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Launching this new, Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens from NOAIDA. This innovative product created to boost your photography experience that assist you capture exceptional content like almost no time before.

Crafted with high-grade optical cup this Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens features a Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome that produces stunning clarity and color accuracy. This lens guarantees to produce unmatched quality information whether you're taking landscapes, portraits or any other variety of photography.

The Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens is crafted utilizing the latest innovations in lens technology to make sure durability performance uncompromising. Having its tough built, it will withstand rough handling accidental drops, and harsh climate compromising its performance.

The Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens was designed to fit an array of camera models, using your favored unit without the hassle to be able to easily link it. Its universal compatibility and design help it become ideal for expert and novice photographers alike.

NOAIDA is specialized in delivering superior items its customers, as well as the Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens isn't any exclusion. The business sources the product quality materials that could be highest and utilizes cutting-edge ways to make certain that each piece is made to perfection.

The Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens will be a sleek and compact design allows you to hold your camera bag in or pocket. This guarantees to you whenever motivation strikes, helping you to capture exceptional content on-the-go that one may will have it.

The Hot sale Optical Glass Bk7 K9 Hemisphere Dome Lens from NOAIDA is a superb investment if you want to simply take your photography game to your next level. High-quality, durable and easy-to-use, it guarantees to produce excellent performance empower to definitely produce visually stunning images. yours Get explore the endless possibilities of photography today.

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