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large size cylinder lens,plano convex cylindrical lens,cylindrical lenses

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Is there a problem?<br>Please contact us to serve you!

Is there a problem?
Please contact us to serve you!


 BK7 K9 Fused Silica CaF2 Ar coating Achromatic Cylindrical Glass Plano Convex concave cylinder lens

Factory Manufacturer Custom-made Achromatic meniscus cylindrical lens





production namecylindrical lens
materialN-bk7,k9,fused silica,n-sf10 etc.
surface quality60/40,40/20
diameter tolerance+/-0.0-0.1mm
Focal lenght tolerance+/2%
Centration<3 arc="" min="">
bevel (face widthx45degree<0.2-0.5mm(general),0.05-0.2(high precision="">
coatingcustomer request
applicationoptical equipment


Products descraption

Cylindrical lens :

Cylindrical lens are used to correct astigmatism in the eye and in rangefinders,to produce astigmatism,tretching a point of light into a line,

they are widely used in bar code scanning,projection optics systems,laser measurement systems and holography

These cylindrical lenses are designed for applications that require one-dimensional shaping of the source.

They have a flat-concave and flat-convex structure, both for diverging or converging beams.

The base material is N-BK7 glass, UV fused silica or CaF2, and all materials can be selected from uncoated or AR-coated.

We supply cylindrical lens,like cylindrical lens,plano convex cylindrical lens,half rod plano convex cylindrical lens,etc

Cylindrical lenses are available in either plano concave or plano convex configurations from our factory,

plano concave lenses have a negative focal length and are used for image reduction or to spread light 

plano convex lenses have a positive focal length,which makes them ideal for collecting asnd focusing light for many imaging applications




 we can supply custom-made optical glass cylindrical lens and optical glass prisms according to the drawing that customer supply

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production detail

cylindrical lens.png

lens manufacturer.png 







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packing and delivering



Convex Lenses Professional Process Doublet Cemented Achromatic Lens

Packaging & Delivery.

Packaging Details: 
Inner packing-------special protective packing for optical products. 
Outer packing------carton, Shock absorption material and bubble wrap 

Delivery Time
Delivery: Generally, we use the Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT, Shunfeng, etc. Please note it before delivery.

Transit time deponds on the express and destination. By the way, we would re-check all the details before delivery.


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 our company



Our company.

Nanyang Jingying trade Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the processing and customization of optical glass prism and lens,

and the production and development of optical components. 
 Our factory is located in Henan Nanyang city, one of the important optical bases in China.

Our working area is more than 1000 quare meter, now about 1000 employees, more than 300 sets professional equipments for production.

 We mainly provide custom service according to the customer's drawings. Reliable quality and trust service are we offering 

we also have a strong and steady growth ,mechanical engineers,process engineers,optical engineers and coating designers

Our factory can manufactured lens,beam splitters,polarizing optics,prisms,filters,laser crystals,coatings,optical assemblies,optical systems,

the products are widely used in non-contact inspection,medical,automation,precision instrument,automative,military,micro-measuring systems,surveying equipment,

security,CCTV,and Machine vision

Our factory always pay hightest attention on product quality and production capacity.Our advanced equipment include spherical milling Machines,precision polishing machines,ULTRASONIC cleaning lines and so on










NOAIDA is thrilled towards offer its own newest enhancement towards the family member kind of optical get in touches with - big dimension cyndrical tube lensed, Plano convex round lensed, round lenses. These get in touches with that are top quality perfect for a range of requests, consisting of clinical, methodical utilizes, and commercial. Each lensed is crafted towards exacting requirements functions unparalleled levels of accuracy and clearness.

The big dimension cyndrical tube lensed, Plano convex round lensed, round lenses are an ideal service optical bodies that need a wide and unobstructed area of. The lensed is developed towards reduce distortions and aberrations, ensuring photos are crisp and unobstructed. This lensed is fantastic for creating high-precision pictures or even accomplishing a wide area of essential sight in lots of commercial requests possessing its own big size. Our team currently have guaranteed that this lensed is flexible that could be been applicable for various zooms.

Our big dimension cyndrical tube lensed, Plano convex round lensed, round lenses are a single-curved lensed a house surface area and a constantly curving convex surface area in the opposite edge. The rounded place towards aims at the match illumination radiations, creating it ideal for utilize within projective and imaging bodies, especially for bodies that need collimated illumination. Our team can craft this lensed right in to various shapes and sizes towards suit requests that are different.

Our big dimension cyndri cal tube lensed, Plano convex round lensed, round lenses are distinct because they have a level, planar surface area on a solitary edge and a round surface area on the various other. The lensed is allowed through this style towards flex while concentrating illumination in one instruction, that makes it ideal for requests especially laser device illumination nutrition, dimension collection discovery, and bodies. Our team produce our round lenses utmost accuracy creating specific they satisfy the majority of our customers' efficiency specs.

Each of our big dimension cyndrical tube lensed, Plano convex round lensed, round lenses are created coming from top quality products, guaranteeing their resilience and durability. Furthermore, each lensed goes through strict quality assurance treatments towards guarantee they satisfy our requirements that are higher. Our team use the production techniques that are newest towards guarantee that our lenses are constant and precise, leading to high-performance optics which our clients can depend upon.

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