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Understand the differences between various optical glass materials.

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Application Scenario

Understand the differences between various optical glass materials. Glass has been made for five thousand years, and it is believed that the earliest makers were the ancient Egyptians. China has been able to make glass in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, and the glass composition contains lead oxide and barium oxide, which is obviously different from the ancient glass of other countries. In Chinese history, the glass is called glass, Po Li, false crystal material, glass and other names.Glass has a series of very valuable characteristics: transparent, hard, good chemical stability; Through the adjustment of chemical composition, the physical and chemical properties of the glass can be greatly adjusted to meet various requirements of use; Hollow and solid products of various shapes can be made by blowing, pressing, drawing, casting, trough sinking, centrifugal casting and other forming methods; Devices with complex shapes and strict dimensions can be made by processing methods such as welding and powder sintering. Moreover, the raw materials for making glass are abundant and the price is low. Therefore, as a structural material and functional material, glass has been widely used in building materials, light industry, transportation, medicine, chemical industry, electronics, aerospace,atomic energy and other fields.